About Us


Carlini has been designing custom motorcycles and accessories since 1969.

Mission statement

What is your approach to the design methodology?

"We read all of the publications and attend bike shows and build offs, we get a general sense of where style is currently, where it's been, and where we see it going - we try to discover the voids."

"We find where there are deficiencies in the marketplace, and try hard to come up with something innovative. We don't ever believe in coming with something just to jump in the market. We find what is deficient, come up with something innovative, we develop a design, make a working prototype, and bring it to market."

"Everything is always original, we don't ever come up with anything that's been done before. Everything gets an application for a patent, and if it doens't receive a patent, we don't market it."

All Carlini parts are designed and manufactured in USA!


About the Ape Hanger Handlebars: Gangster Ape and Fly'in Ape

We started making fat inch and a half traditional ape hangers. Bars that are intended to create a big fat look with a big fat front end. They are designed so it looks like that's the way it should've rolled off the showroom floor. We have this saying; "don't go steering with a coat hanger." this refers to a bike that has these huge inch & a half fork tubes and then from the factory they put these skinny ass one inch handlebars that just look chincy. So we saw a deficiency and we capitalized on it and created the inch & a half and inch & a quarter ape hangers... After 15 years we thought it needed a facelift so we created the world's first and only ape hangers with concave and convex curves that can be seen when viewing the bike from the side profile. Carlini Handlebars have original style and are our unique contribution to the industry. With that being said don't look like a "wanna-be" with a cheap imitation, support Carlini. Be original.
Original till death since 1969