Clean Sweep 1.25" 9" Chrome MINOR BLEM

SKU: MB CS125-9
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The Clean Sweep feel the same as the Originals and we use the same welding fixture to weld up both styles, however the difference being the shape of the tubing - radiused vs angular. They have the same measurement, height, width, and pullback as the Original style bars. Clean Sweep has a gradual arc like a bridge - it's bends are softer & radiused. Drilled & dimpled for internal wiring. (electrical only)

- Thickness: 1.25" in.
- Width: 31.5" in.
- Pullback (depth): 9.5" in.
- Rise (height): 9" in.

Width - The length between the left and the right ends of the handlebar.

Rise (height) - The length from the base of the handlebar to the top.

Pullback (depth) - Viewing from the side, the distance from the front to the back end of the handlebar grips.

Thickness - the diameter of the handlebar.