Bag Drag 1.50'' Chrome Throttle By Wire

SKU: BagDrag150-C FBW
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The newly patented Carlini Bag Drag Bar is a combined hybrid of the original Bagger Bars and Drag Bars. The handlebar has sleek curving lines which will give your bike that extra appeal. - Patented Design! # D624858 - This is a Carlini Patented Design. Made and manufactured in the USA!

- Thickness: 1.50" in.
- Width: 34" in.
- Pullback (depth): 13" in.
- Rise (height), 6" in.
- Center width: 8" in. Patented Design

Width - The length between the left and the right ends of the handlebar.

Rise (height) - The length from the base of the handlebar to the top.

Pullback (depth) - Viewing from the side, the distance from the front to the back end of the handlebar grips.

Thickness - the diameter of the handlebar.