Original Ape 1.25'' 18'' Stepped Chrome

SKU: BBApe-18C
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Awesome stylish custom bends! When you grip them in your hands, they deliver the best angle for maximum leverage, comfort, and control. 


Handlebars have 1" step down for most stock harley riser applications (step down is 5 1/8" wide)


- Thickness: 1.25" in.
- Width: 38.5" in.
- Pullback (depth): 8" in.
- Center Width: 11.5" in.
- Rise (height): 18" in.



- This handle bar is reduced to 1" (stepped) at the mounting surface. Step down is 5 1/8" in. wide.
- Grip sections taper to 1" diameter to be used with 1" hand controls and grips. 
- Bars are Pre-drilled for internal wiring.


Width - The length between the left and the right ends of the handlebar.

Rise (height) - The length from the base of the handlebar to the top.

Pullback (depth) - Viewing from the side, the distance from the front to the back end of the handlebar grips.

Thickness - the diameter of the handlebar.